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501AA Gas Turbine Parts

Boulder Services is now offering a large inventory of capital spares for the 501AA Gas Turbine.  The inventory available is all OEM manufactured and offered in used, refurbished and/or new condition.  Please contact us for a detailed listing and quantities.

Capital Parts Available Include:

  • Blade Rings

  • Clamshells

  • Combustion Baskets

  • Compressor Blades

  • Compressor Diaphragms

  • Fuel Nozzles

  • Ring Segments

  • Starting Motors

  • Starting Torque Converter

  • Transition Pieces

  • Turbine Blades

  • Turbine Discs

  • Vane Segments

  • Misc parts and consumables:

    • Bullhorn Brackets

    • Cross Flame Tube Assemblies

    • Flex Hoses

    • Flow Dividers

    • Journal Bearings

    • Lock Plates

    • Seal Pins

    • Seal Plates​

    • TP Seals

    • Torque Tube

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